Tuesday, April 7, 2009

before a continuation of my previous post, I want it known that Quinn is dressed as a steriotipical farmerboy/baby: diaper, overalls, and not a stitch else. ;) Anywhat(anyway, anywho, anywhere, anywhen, ect.), bach te-oo ar sketch-ial-ed poost.

I do indeed have another set of grandparents, who coincidently live in the same city, not a ten minute walk from each other. Their names are Pauline and Bill House. I gave them their grand-parenting names: Nana and Papa. Nana also lectures me about loosing weight and eating healthy as the three of us eat our way through enough food to satisfy five people. Then she makes me walk home. After a movie. Papa plays chess with me every day possible, walks with me on sunny days, and takes me to movies that are so awsome. He is the best chess player I know, because out of the top ten best chess players I have played, he is the only one I havent beaten more than he beat me. Indeed, the first time I won, it was in four moves using Blitzcreage, which he knew how to counteract with one move after the first time he ever saw it, and the second time was about four months ago, and he was getting over the flu, hadent slept well in five days, and hadent eaten all day. Hey, if I see an oportunity, I take it. True, he offered, but I accepted. Well, thats it for regularly seen family. Now for the cousins. Heather is my large, overwhelming and overwhelmed, female elder cousin. She has about the same sense of humor as me, and so we have a lot of fun when we get together. Every conversation we have either is deadly serious, 100% normal, or very swiftly devolves into hysterical laughter. I once started an hour long bout of laughter with her that we still can laugh about nearly a year later with a single word. She told me a joke that was not all that good, was very dirty, but still deserved a good laugh. To her suprise, I stayed silent. After a short pause that was probably very confusing to her, she turned her head to look at me at the exact same time I did the same. The moment our eyes met, I said very quietly but very vehmently, one word: "Impetuous." We both instantly burst into laughter. When I had settled down, I looked at her and did it again. I'm still laughing about it as I type it!
I'll have more next time. Sorry about the wait!

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