Thursday, January 22, 2009

savage blogger website, then Pachelbel

savage blogger website. I tried to post yesterday, and it wouldn't let me! How cruel! now I'm too upset to do much but repeat what I was going to say yesterday!

A few months ago, my mom was looking at some of her favorite songs on YouTube, when she came to pachelbel's canon. If you have never heard it fully, or at all, click here: (a beter version is at she had listened to it, she saw something in the "related" column. It was labeled "pachelbel's bedtime". Of course, about three seconds later I heard wild laughter. Soon, I was called in, along with my sister. We too, were consumed by hysterical laughter. Before I put the link up, I must ask you if you want to here a song as awesome as Pachelbel's canon defaced, because this defaces it in a spectacular manner. If, by any chance, you do, seek psychiatric help, then take a bath in monkey poo. Trust me, monkey poo baths are the best cure for idiocy. Then go to Then, a few days ago, I found reason to beleave that all music is cheesy rip-offs of pachelbel. I found it at Now I'm going to leave you to think about that last one, because he really has a point. And my apologies to the violinists, and I know how you feel, cellists, because I play it, too.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I SEE YOU SAM! THOU ART FOLLOWING ME! THINE IMPERTINECE SHALL GET THEE NAUGHT! but don't stop.its kinda fun to do a spychotic rant over the internet occasionaly. I'm not trying to run you off. Try the ranting. its fun! : )
badap ba ba ba, i'm blogin' it! Finaly, after a long week of school, we get a cold day. No, not a snow day, where the snow is so deep you can't go to school, a cold day, where it is so cold that just the short wait for the school bus can give you major frostbite, so the school just lets everyone stay home. Not only is this the first day in seven years that it got this cold here, or the second time in as many years that we had a day off in winter, or even that it is the first time it coincided with a weekend. It coincides with the weekend that has MLK, Jr. day directly afterwards. YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

"Shoo, shoo, I have to mingle."
~jim butcher as Harry Dresden
"Holy brillig and slithy toves, Batman."
~jim butcher as Harry Dresden

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am so silly. I was just now trying to find my blog, so I could do today's post, and somehow I got to my mom's blog! Any-who, I just got started on this, and i've already got two followers. It's a small world out there, with waaaay too many people for its size. Still, it's gratifying to know that people know about me.

And now for the quote of the day:

"Nobody shoots at Santa Claus."-- Alfred E. Smith

By the way, I will be using for my quote of the days, so if you want to see more, there you go.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yay! first blog!

Yay! I've finally got my personality on the web! more later, too busy now.