Saturday, January 17, 2009

badap ba ba ba, i'm blogin' it! Finaly, after a long week of school, we get a cold day. No, not a snow day, where the snow is so deep you can't go to school, a cold day, where it is so cold that just the short wait for the school bus can give you major frostbite, so the school just lets everyone stay home. Not only is this the first day in seven years that it got this cold here, or the second time in as many years that we had a day off in winter, or even that it is the first time it coincided with a weekend. It coincides with the weekend that has MLK, Jr. day directly afterwards. YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

"Shoo, shoo, I have to mingle."
~jim butcher as Harry Dresden
"Holy brillig and slithy toves, Batman."
~jim butcher as Harry Dresden

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